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We curate individualized, purposeful, schooling experiences for alt-mainstream schooling folks (i.e. registered homeschoolers, unschoolers, roadschoolers, worldschoolers....).

The most important job we have as parents is to protect our children’s connections to their inner guides. We must see them clearly, honor their innate intelligence fiercely, and uphold their authentic path without hesitation. Choosing an alternative path for our child’s education is one way we can wholeheartedly commit to protecting our child’s inner guide. We can allow them to explore the world freely, and express themselves openly. We can connect them with other children whose families strive to do the same. 


In working with Alt-Skül Consulting, you will gather the tools you need in order to implement authentic, student-centered learning experiences that fit the needs of the individual learners you love. Our educators support, coach and empower you to take charge of your family’s education through consultation sessions and individualized resources. We specialize in project-based learning which incorporates the development of key skill areas that must be met for state requirements.


Our aim is to understand each individual student in order to help them follow their own inner guide. We believe that passions and curiosities should drive educational experiences - not a set of pre-planned curriculum for anyone and everyone. Each person’s innate intelligence can be heard loud and clear when their environment and relationships uphold its voice. We aim to help you hear that voice, and learn how to not only listen, but converse with it.


In our work, we draw from a variety of resources and educational philosophies that align with each family’s values. These resources include, but not limited to, Waldorf education, project-based learning, place-based education, forest-based education, attachment-based teaching, and relational education. Depending on the values and needs of the family, we may work with a family to design:

  • Projects based on personal interests and learning readiness

  • Group courses based on shared interests

  • Plans for learning a new skill and demonstrating proficiency*

  • Portfolios to showcase a cohesive set of work

  • Menus of learning experiences to be chosen by the student

  • And anything else our minds might construct!

*New skills might include anything from learning how to read, learning how to subtract double-digit numbers, learning how to design a tiny house, learning how to manage personal finances, learning how to play the piano, or learning how to winter camp.


We are also happy to review end-of-year portfolios for registered Maine homeschoolers!

We are working by donation until May 2022 in order to get our feet wet. 

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