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What To Expect

Each family and student's authentic path in life is uniquely different. We strive to curate experiences that express real LIFE for the student. Therefore, each family that works with us receives special treatment. You will find the typical lay-of-the-land with Alt-Skül below...




The initial consultation is totally free! You, your child and Courtney will talk about your child’s interests, abilities and hopes for their education. You will have a chance to hear about some approaches to learning that we may be able to develop and help you implement. You will be able to ask lots of questions without an expectation that you will work with us. We want you to find a perfect fit for your child’s education.



Courtney will work to create a plan, gather resources and set a timeline for your child to get started on their individualized journey. Once completed, Courtney will send you the plan for comments and adjustments.



You will meet with Courtney to reflect on the quality of your experience. You may choose to continue with us - working on the same project, or starting another one. Your child will be asked to share what they learned and gained from the experience, and what they may have done differently if they were to complete the project again.​



You will meet with Courtney to define goals, objectives and outcomes for the project, portfolio or learning opportunity that best suits your child. Prior to this session, you will have had a chance to reflect with your child about their hopes dreams, and readiness for big learning. This session helps to hone in on the specific agenda we will tackle with you first. 



You and your child will implement the learning plan. Courtney will be there for any questions and support you may have or need throughout the journey.​



Your child may choose to share their work in our symposium in the spring. The symposium is open to any and all learners who wish to share their work with other alternative learners. This is a place where onlookers are invited to ask your child questions, and gain inspiration from their experiences.

“We sense that ‘normal’ isn’t coming back, that we are being born into a new normal: a new kind of society, a new relationship to the earth, a new experience of being human.”

Charles Eisenstein

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